Leather Care

Leather Care For Your Key Fob

It is possible, with some simple steps, to maintain the quality, finish and suppleness of the leather in your key fob. By looking after the leather you will be able to extend the usable life of the product.

Our key fobs have been handmade from specially selected high-quality full-grain leathers which have been prepared using a semi vegetable tanning process. This type of leather has a stunning oil and wax finish which makes it very durable and provides lasting strength. As the key fob ages, the leather will soften, develop a beautifully rich earthy tone and acquire a lovely patina. The inner liner is a heat bonded layer that has a soft velvet-like finish.

As a guide we offer some simple dos and don’ts for looking after your key holder;

  • Do try and blot away any excess moisture as soon as possible.
  • Do allow wet leather to dry naturally.
  • Do use a leather conditioner every few months, this will allow the leather to remain supple.
  • Don’t leave the key fob in direct sunlight as this will cause the leather to fade over time.
  • Don’t dry the wet leather by using a radiator or other artificial heat source. Allow the leather to dry naturally.
  • Don’t wash your key fob in water to clean it.

Protecting the Leather

By its very nature, leather is a material that needs to be cared for and maintained. If you want to keep your key fob looking beautiful for years to come, we suggest that from time to time you feed and clean the leather.

Although we do not currently sell any leather conditioners it is possible to purchase these through either High Street or Online stores. For ease, we’ve included a link to a range of Amazon’s Leather Care products.